Jump Start Your
Drupal Project

Let me audit and plan your Drupal site build for you.


Do you have a crusty old site that needs an overhaul but you're not sure where to start? Or maybe you need help planning a new site build, soup to nuts?

Let me help. I will do a complete code audit of your current site (if there is one), and deliver a beautiful custom-written document laying out, step by step, how to build what you want.

Your document can be used as detailed specs to guide development, and also as a learning tool. All I need from you is access to a development site if there is one and a little info outlining your goals.

Get in touch

Security audit

I will search for security holes and write up explanations and fixes of any that I find.


I will dig for ways to simplify and consolidate content types, roles, fields, views, etc.

Code check

I will scour your code, line by line, looking for correctness, style, and correct API usage.


I will expose performance issues and include recommended fixes or improvements.

Who am I?

I'm Mike Crittenden. I'm a Software Architect at Phase2. I've been developing Drupal sites for 9 years and have worn many hats during this time.

I've worked on major projects for companies like Waste Management, Olympus, Stanford University, Guess Watches, and Stevens Institute of Technology.

I've also written dozens (hundreds?) of custom and contributed modules and themes and have submitted patches and patch reviews for Drupal core.

A few recommendations

Mike is impeccably professional and thoroughly competent. Combined with an accute sensitivity to client needs, Mike's appetite for mastering new technologies makes him an invaluable resource on any project. I can recommend Mike without qualification.

- Chris Jones, Technical Account Manager, Acquia

Mike is a skilled and multi-faceted developer. He's great in a crisis and he's pragmatic, so clients are sure to get maximum value. I worked with Mike on a daily basis for more than two years, hire him and hire him now -- it will be the best decision you make this year.

- Tim Loudon, Principal, Loudon & Company

Mike is, hands down, one of the best developers I've had the pleasure to work with! He's a Drupal genius and expert developer, not to mention great with business development and client management.

- Kim Murphy, Drupal Designer/Developer